Saturday, December 17, 2011

Open Diary: Day 1: The beginning of a new me!!!

This year I have made many changes. The biggest one I think has been to stop drinking and smoking. I had been being very destructive of my body for many years and that was not working for me. I decided to fall back and go to what I know. I returned home, to my God, my best friend, my father, my protector. I feel so much better and I am saved and proud to call myself a child of God. Making these changes has influenced me to do many more things.

To come:
* Showing the gifts that God has given (My voice, singing God's praises)
* Letting the world know through Rew's World how good God is
* Living a healthier life (Thumbs up, wish me luck)
* Getting in shape (not only for me but def for my children)
* Live life to the fullest, through God

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