Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry CHRIST-mas

Tis the Season!!

Well it is now 7:55 in the evening Christmas day, the kids have opened there presents and stuffed their stomachs. Now what do we do, count up how much we have spent and pray that we are blessed with a large sum of money to get us through to tax time. I know alot of us went over board forgetting that Christmas is not what it is made out to be. Its not about the next big electronic, or how much we can spend to keep up with the "Joneses". We have alot of responsibities as parents, uncles, aunts, and even teachers and preachers. To bring up our children to know the real meaning of this time of year.

He was crucified, laid behind the stone, he lived to died rejected all alone. Like a rose trampled on the ground, he took the fall in thought of ALL of us, ABOVE ALL!!!

Please as you continue breathing, smiling, seeing, eating, being warm in your homes tonight, I pray that you consider what was done for us so many years ago and don't take this very special day for granted.

God bless, Happy holidays!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Open Diary: Praise and Worship - Day 2 Donnie McClurkin - How Great Is Our God BY EYDELY WORSHIP CHANNEL

I can not stress enough how Great our God is. I would not be where I am today without him. God is so awesome, be has no if, and, or but, he loves us because we are who we are. People take for granted what they have, and how they got it. I know for myself that without God I am nothing, and without him I will fail. I am so blessed. All the world will see how great God is.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Open Diary: Day 1: The beginning of a new me!!!

This year I have made many changes. The biggest one I think has been to stop drinking and smoking. I had been being very destructive of my body for many years and that was not working for me. I decided to fall back and go to what I know. I returned home, to my God, my best friend, my father, my protector. I feel so much better and I am saved and proud to call myself a child of God. Making these changes has influenced me to do many more things.

To come:
* Showing the gifts that God has given (My voice, singing God's praises)
* Letting the world know through Rew's World how good God is
* Living a healthier life (Thumbs up, wish me luck)
* Getting in shape (not only for me but def for my children)
* Live life to the fullest, through God